How can a Ukrainian entrepreneur get a grant? — Igor Komendo, head of the NGO “GoLOCAL”

Igor Komendo, NGO GoLOCAL

The $ 6.8 billion allocated by international financial organizations for Ukraine’s development has remained unused. One of the main reasons for the loss of an excessive amount for grants is the market’s unawareness of the possibility of obtaining these funds. However, even if the business is aware of the international program, it must demonstrate a responsible attitude to the donor’s criteria. After all, one mistake can cost a grant.

Igor Komendo, head of the NGO “GoLOCAL”, in the column NV spoke about the three main mistakes that often prevent businesses from receiving donor assistance. The organization’s mission is to build economic, innovation, and manufacturing potential in Ukraine regions precisely through the attraction of grant funding.

  • Ignoring the donor’s requirements in 99% of cases leads to the fact that the application will not even be considered. For the grantor, the application is the only source of information about the project, so each fulfilled or not fulfilled requirement at this stage weights gold.
  • Excessive budgets without justification and a realistic cost plan because donors know how to count and immediately weed out projects with an increased appetite for money.
  • A vague request is indicating a lack of understanding of the ultimate goal of funding. There is no plan to achieve specific indicators on the way to the goal means no money.

Among other reasons for businesses’ low activity in obtaining grants, the founder identified a lack of time, experience and patience. After all, on this basis, Ukrainian entrepreneurs have not yet established themselves as reliable grantees. Read more about how to use grants and cheap loans from European partners via the link.