“High level service, technology and geeks: I am impressed with Ukraine”, – Dominique Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City

Dominique Piotet, UNIT.City

In Silicon Valley, you can often hear compliments about Ukrainian developers. UNIT.City innovative park CEO Dominique Piotet never doubted the correctness of these statements, he told MC.today. After two years in Ukraine Dominique has impressions of another, non-technological side of living in Ukraine.


Ukraine is full of geeks. People here are really interested in gadgets and technologies. In San Francisco, for example, access to technology is easier, but in Ukraine, people keep an eye on all the latest and most technological things. Moreover, Ukrainians are demanding and get used to a high level of service. Therefore, the creativity and marketing of products here are also at a high level.


Ukraine has incredibly tasty food. Believe me, I am French and I understand gastronomy. The quality of products and ingredients here is very high.

“A high level of food culture and restaurants here suggests that communication is important for Ukrainian society.”

Made in Ukrainе

I am impressed with small craft productions, designer clothes, and shoes in Ukraine. The quality, materials, and their combination, design of things, and accessories made in Ukraine are impressive. Ukrainian brands are different from what they do in the world, especially for the mass market.

“People all over the world dress the same way for the most part. But street fashion in the big cities in Ukraine looks really interesting.”


Business culture and management style in Ukraine have their own specifics. In the Soviet-style of government, which still prevails in Ukraine, the processes are well established. This is suitable for an industrial economy. But the era of the knowledge economy is coming, and a democratic style of management and mutual trust is most important here.

So far, the old habits and the mentality of authoritarian rule are stronger. This is slowly changing, especially in the innovations.

The pace of change

Changes in Ukraine are slow and patchy. Many talk about reforms, but often they are never fulfilled.

Ukraine really needs to change faster. I see huge opportunities for this country. There are talented people here, resources – a lot of opportunities. It’s time to take advantage of this.

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