UNIT.City, B12

Business campus of UNIT.City from UDP and KAN Development received the silver LEED certificate for the first time in Ukraine

United States Green Building Council honors the business campus of UNIT.City with a silver LEED certificate. The B12 building, which was completed in the winter of 2019, is the first commercial building in Ukraine to have a similar award. The developers of the project were UDP and KAN Development, and the general contractor was KANBUD. The building was certified by Delta.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the most widely used voluntary green certification systems in the world since 1998. LEED certification encourages the creation of environmentally friendly structures. Such buildings should be constructed of environmentally friendly materials, have equipment that helps to save water and electricity and provide clean air inside the building.

“We have firmly decided to certify our UNIT.City Innovation Park under the LEED green building standard. Certification lasts from the moment of project initialization to the immediate receipt of the certificate after the object is put into operation. In our experience, this happens 3-5 months after the start of the facility. World practice shows that the costs of implementing a project under green certification standards increase by an average of 5-15%. However, the capitalization of such facilities is increasing by 15-25%,” Vitaliy Melnyk, Vice President of Innovation Parks Development UDP, said.

The unique for Ukraine campus B12 has high-performance engineering equipment — chillers Carrier, supply and exhaust units Rosenberg, and the B12 power metering system is based on Schneider Electric equipment and has high-tech extensions. In addition, the UNIT.City campus is equipped with LED lighting and a water-efficient drip irrigation system on the outside.

The building is equipped with technological plumbing, which helps reduce water use by 43% and introduces a separate collection of household waste, which is then sent for treatment.

Engineers have equipped the building with a two-stage purification of flowing air with the help of air filters. In addition, smoking is prohibited on campus and adjacent to it, and air quality monitoring is carried out using VOC and CO2 sensors.

Maxim Zaika, Project Manager of Delta Green Certification, said that green certification in the West has long become a necessary standard for all major developer projects. He also hoped that obtaining the LEED Silver Certificate by the B12 campus would be a success that would serve as a model for other Ukrainian market players seeking to implement modern, high-quality and sustainable projects.