Beacon UNIT.City

“Beacon” at UNIT.City is recognized as one of the best lighting projects in the world

The art object “Beacon”, opened on the square UNIT.City Innovation Park in October 2019, was awarded the LIT Lighting Design Awards in the category of Light Art Project.

“Beacon” is a 60-meter factory pipe that was converted from an old chimney, a symbol of Ukrainian industrialization, to a light installation — a bright symbol of Ukraine’s future, progress and innovation. Two LED strips are installed inside the pipe, thanks to a vertical movement from the bottom to the top, which produces a powerful stream of light. Reaching the tops, a bright beam is formed, 100 meters long and 3.5 meters in diameter. A metal platform is also installed in the pipe, which houses three spotlights with halogen lamps.

The installation is equipped with a mini-planetarium with four projectors and LED technology, and inside is the “Cinema 360”, which creates the effect of 3D space and full immersion. The images can be controlled remotely through an app on a tablet and accessed by a planetarium through a glass corridor that connects two Innovation Park campuses.

The project was implemented by UDP development company, British art installer Sebastian Kite, Expolight and Front Pictures.